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Healthy Start Missoula is an early childhood coalition based at the Missoula City-County Health Department.  We work to support families and caregivers who are expecting a baby or with children ages 0-8. This website offers resources for families and ways to get involved in our work.



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We see how hard you work to hold it together for your family. LIFTS is a resource guide built with parents in mind. It puts the support network in the palm of your hand so you can spend less time trying to find what you need and more time enjoying your beautiful babies.

Quick tips for busy parents. Get activity ideas, safety tips, and info about local resources and events!

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Every parent needs a little support! Missoula families have access to free one=on-one support in their homes or other location. Check out all of the great options!

Parent Support Videos

Parent Support Videos

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Resources for Parenting During COVID-19

You Are Enough!



Parenting is always challenging, and during COVID-19 challenges can increase.  It is normal to feel this extra stress.  Stress may come from finances. It may come from working from home while caring for your child. It may come from dealing with any number of other changes.  Missoula always has some great resources for parents, and now there are new options just for parents during COVID-19. All families need a little support with parenting. We welcome your calls during this uniquely challenging time.



Healthy Start Missoula is made up of partners from across Missoula County that serve families of children ages 0-8. Find out more about who we are and what we do!


Healthy Start Missoula is a community coalition based at the Missoula City-County Health Department