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  • Haley Burckhard

Arts, Crafts, and Dragons at the Missoula Public Library!

Are you looking for crafts to do with your children when you are stuck at home? The Missoula Public Library has some options for you! The Public Library is offering Activity Grab Bags for Kids. These are monthly bags that have three different activities that promote STEM learning, emotional development and early literacy. These Activity Grab Bags are allowing kids and their parents time to interact and connect as a family. These projects also give kids a time to learn and explore, while engaging their little minds without the use of a screen, which we know has been hard lately.

Families who want to participate in these monthly Activity Grab Bags for Kids are in luck. These Activity Bags are now available during curbside hours which are Monday- Saturday from 1-6 PM. The activities stay the same throughout the month and the bags tend to go quickly. However, the Public Library will give out the Activity Bags while supplies last.

The Public Library also has an upcoming online activity for kids and families! This is part of a monthly series of live activities put on by the Missoula Public Library staff. In the Month of March, the event is called “Get your Dragon On”. Children and their families will get to hang out with a Children’s Librarian as they read stories, play mad libs, draw pictures and celebrate dragons. This event is geared towards children ages 5 to 10.

Families who want to participate are able to pick up some dragon coloring sheets and the Zoom contact information during curbside hours, which are Monday-Saturday from 1-6 PM in the Missoula Public Library parking garage. These packages are open for pick up from March 8-12, then on March 13 from 2-3 will be when the live event happens.

If you have any questions regarding either of these activities you are welcome to contact, or call (406) 721-2665.

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