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  • Abby Krebsbach

Free Fairy Kits from Families First Learning Lab

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Are you looking for some fun activities to for your kids to do at home? Families First Learning Lab is giving away Fairy Kits! Fairy Kits include a wide variety of projects and crafts kids can immerse themselves in to expand their learning and creativity. They are a great way for parents and kids to bond through play. From craft materials to conversation starters, these kits contain complete activities for parents and kids to do together. Fairy Kits are designed for children who are early preschool-5th grade. They are free of charge, and any family can stop in and pick them up at Empower Place at the Missoula Food Bank. Soon, they will also be available at Families First Learning Lab in the new Missoula Public Library. Over 7,000 kits have already been distributed, with more available for you and your family!

What is Families First Learning Lab?

The organization behind Fairy Kits, Families First Learning Lab, is a local non-profit that helps families enrich their home lives through a supportive community. Established in 1994, Families First’s mission is to provide parents with the resources, skills and support to enhance their parenting abilities and promote a healthy family atmosphere. A few aspects of the program include building knowledge and skills in parents, enhancing social and emotional well-being in children as well as contributing professional services to foster development. Families First Learning Lab has recently moved to a new location on the second floor of the new Missoula Public Library. The library is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible making this a great resource for children and families with disabilities.

Another way Families First Learning Lab is able to support healthy families is by offering programs that provide hands on skills that can guide parents to create a healthier and happier family dynamic. Programs that they offer center around parent and child attachment, managing family transition through divorce, as well as child enrichment. Currently, these programs are being offered at a reduced rate. In times such as these when families are navigating uncertainty, having a place to turn to and look for support and encouragement can alleviate the stress and emotional turmoil that accumulates.

Navigating COVID is something we as a world are all figuring out together and Families First is no exception. Many programs that were offered in-person before COVID have been moved to their website, Zoom or on their Facebook page. Families First Learning Lab is dedicated to supporting families, and will continue to adapt to meet our community’s needs. Follow them on Facebook and check out their website to learn more!

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