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  • Anna Semple

What does Healthy Start Missoula do?

Healthy Start Missoula is an early childhood coalition based at the Missoula City-County Health Department. But what does that mean? Well, it means that the organizations serving families with young children come together and work to improve the lives of families with young children. One way we do this is by advertising programs that support families, and helping families know which programs might be the best fit. We already have some great information, which we'll be advertising over the next few weeks:

Resource Guides for Pregnancy and Parenting During COVID-19

Information about one-on-one support for families... did you know someone can come right to your house (or visit with you virtually during COVID) to learn more about your needs, share information, connect you with other great programs, and help you advocate for your family?

Parent support videos

Partner Highlights featuring more in-depth information about programs and activities for families.

We are always adding new information, so stay tuned to our website and social media to keep learning!

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