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PSU Report: Programs

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The Perinatal Substance Use (PSU) Network:

The Perinatal Substance Use Network is a community coalition working to better support families impacted by substance use during the perinatal period (pregnancy – age 3). The PSU Network is a community coalition based at Missoula Public Health. Involvement of families with lived experience is a priority for the Network, and we work to engage parents in the Network in ways that feel empowering to them. The PSU Network has also prioritized a focus on anti-racism and deeper understanding of historical trauma and its implications for work in medical, treatment, family support, criminal justice, and child welfare systems.

PSU Network Vision:

The group envisions a community where families feel safe asking for help, families can access the services and treatments they need, the available services are effective, and families can live sustainably together into the future. The goal of the PSU Network is that 90% of families impacted by perinatal substance use in Missoula County will be able to stay safely and securely together by 2025.

PSU Network Documents

This is where you'll find a variety of information about the work the PSU Network is doing. Each report section is numbered separately and serves as stand-alone documents. Use the links below to open the individual sections.

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Section 2: Intent Map

This section of the document gives an overview of the PSU Network goal, values, and scope of work.

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Section 3: Data & Interviews

This section of the document shares local data related to perinatal substance use and information gathered through community partner interviews.

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Section 4: Appendices

Appendices include a possible guide to language, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and descriptions of local programs.

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Initiative Team Logic Models

These Logic Models address the critical shifts identified by the PSU Network, and the strategies and specific projects the Network will work on to address them.

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SUD Housing Landscape

This report looks at the availability of different licensed treatment and recovery housing facilities across the State of Montana.

PSU Network Initiative Teams

Trauma-Informed Organizations Initiative

Family Treatment & Recovery Residences Initiative

Section 3: Data & Interviews

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Section 4: Appendices

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